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BERLIN – Germany


I was particularly keen on taken part in this interesting and innovative program on EU Studies: Policy Advisor and Project Consultant organised Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Université catholique de Louvain in Brussels.

The program and its multi-functioning environments helped me understand the impact, challenges and opportunities in the future development of the region. Much focus was set on three core pillars of the EU: Knowledge, Inclusive Societies and Greener Competitive Economy. The course provided me with an updated and broader vision of European Politics, Foreign Affairs and International Development, which very well complemented my knowledge and background education in the field of Agricultural Economics. Not only the stimulating working environment with international students but also the experience to live in the centre of Europe provided me with a new and different perspective on the global and EU affairs. During my training I have taken a great interest in working on identifying and analyzing policies, business environments and market opportunities related to Food, International Trading and applied Renewable Energies in rural areas. Lectures, discussions with experts in the different fields and visits to the European institutions provided me with extensive exposure to the complex issues in the regional, international and rural environment. Particularly, it was a great honour for me to have the opportunity to hear and learn from prestigious EU representatives such as Mr. Ilkka Saarilahti (on EU budgeting and financial management reform) and Mr. Bernard Sonoy (on Development and Intl. Cooperation) as well as to attend a couple of high-level conferences on rural development and international cooperation. Furthermore, I enjoyed working in a multicultural environment and interdisciplinary groups. I am positive this program has enhanced my understanding on EU project funding whilst provided me with good insides of how the European Union and its institutions operate. It was a great pleasure for me to have been part of 17th edition of this prestigious and highly regarded academic program.