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testimonals-neilWhatever may arise for me in my future career, I am sure that many more opportunities will be open to me thanks to the competences which I have acquired through my participation in the International Master in European Studies.

I was a student of the 19th Edition of the International Master in European Studies. I took the decision to apply for this course because I already held a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies, and I felt that the next logical step would be to pursue further studies, and the opportunity to do that in Brussels, at the heart of European legislation and decision-making, was one that was very appealing. I currently work for a media organisation based in Brussels and I am deeply grateful to the Belgian- Italian Chamber of Commerce and to the Master course for the knowledge that has been bestowed unto me which is essential to my line of work, as well as the opportunity to undertake such a programme in a prime location in the context of the European sphere. I would recommend this Master to anyone who is skilled in the fields of development projects and consultancy, or to anyone who simply has an interest in those fields and believes it may be beneficial to their career.