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The IMES – Day Programme is designed for those who wish to gain, in a short period of time, specialised competencies and skills in order to become EU Policy Advisor or EU Project Manager. This is a 3-month full-time programme, held in our training center in Brussels from Monday to Friday. Classes are held in English.

The IMES – Programme is addressed to fresh graduates seeking a specialisation or professionals who are looking for a change in their career.


This Master is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the European Union institutional structure, functioning and policies, and with a sound understanding of the EU funding methods and Project Cycle Management tools and techniques. To this end, a thorough academic section is combined with hands-on practical work on European projects and tenders and with testimonials from policy advisors, project managers and EU officials. At the end of the Master, participants will be able to draft, coordinate and manage European projects and tenders according to the guidelines set by the European Commission and they will have the opportunity to be introduced to several professionals from this sector.


The Master’s programme is composed of three sections:

Section 1 – The European construction and policies

The aim of this section is to provide a broad and comprehensive understanding of the theoretical knowledge needed for Lobbying and Project Management. Here, the topic of the European construction is analysed from a historical, juridical and economic point of view. The main European policies and strategies are examined, in light of the new monetary agreements and also of the Community’s recent enlargement.

Section 2Successful EU projects: design and management

The second section focuses on learning the mechanisms, tools and criteria for designing and managing successful EU-funded projects and tenders. It explores to become an EU consultant, which are the main EU funding schemes, how to apply for an EU grant, how to answer to an EU procurement. These are the queries that the core section of the Master course addresses to. Student will benefit from a learning-by-doing approach, with the support of case studies and interactive workshops. Lectures and practical activities are held by professional EU Advisors, who have years of experience in planning, advising and providing technical assistance to SMEs, NGOs, think-tanks, public entities, and international organizations.

Section 3European Institutions, advisors and lobbyists

Several seminars at the European institutions are organised in order to meet EU officers and to have direct contact with professionals who are working every day on EU policies and funding programmes. This third section also aims to provide students with an extensive overview of the different realities operating in the European field in the Brussels area. Meetings with experts, advisors and lobbyists are therefore organised.

Job Link

One of the master’s strengths is the support given to students in further developing their career path by means of:

  • A seminar and the one-to-one meetings with a recruiter: organised in order to facilitate our students’ entrance to the Brussels job market.
  • The CV of the students will be included in a CV BOOK and will be sent to various institutions and companies in Brussels.
  • If students find an internship, the BICC will support them with the drafting of the contract and will provide the trainee insurance.
  • Click here to check-out the list of organisations that have brought a testimonial during an IMES edition.


    How to apply

    36th edition: 19/09/2022 – 15/12/2022

    Applications deadline: 31th of August 2022

    IMES applications should be submitted through the online form attaching the following documents:

    • a copy of the university diploma or equivalent degree (last-year university students shall submit a transcript of records)

    • a CV in English

    • a cover letter in English, stating their motivation to attend the Master

    • language certificates or a language knowledge self-statement

    • one passport-size photograph
    • a copy of passport or other identification document

    • proof of payment of the first instalment of tuition fees of 500 € (candidates who will not be admitted will be totally reimbursed the first instalment of tuition fees within 5 working days).
    • You can find the link to submit your application on the “How to apply” section on the right.

      Selection procedure

      Only 30 candidates will be admitted to the Master. An Admission Committee from the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of European Studies of the Catholic University of Louvain will evaluate applications. Candidates who reach an evaluation of more than 75% will be directly admitted and notified by email within 15 days (from reception of application). Other admitted candidates will be notified by email after the application deadline.

      Assessment criteria:

      • motivation (33%)

      • university degree (16%)

      • degree mark (10%)

      • working experience and internship abroad (10%)

      • working experience and internship in your country (10%)

      • post-graduate and specialisation courses (7%)

      • fluency in English (8%)

      • other languages (6%)

      The Admission Committee reserves the right to invite candidates for a Skype interview.


      Master’s tuition fees

      The overall tuition fee for attending the Master amounts to 4.800 € (for the whole 3-month period). The payment of the fee is divided into 2 instalments. The first instalment of 500 € must be paid at the application phase: proof of payment shall be attached to the application. The other instalment must be paid within the deadline indicated on the Enrolment form. A 200€ reduction will be applied to all the applications submitted before the 30th of June 2022!

      Tuition fees include:

      • application fee
      • enrolment to the 35th edition of the Master (April-June 2022)
      • didactic material
      • Online seminars at European Institutions
      • access to the Online Training Platform
      • publication of the participants’ profile into the CV book and job-link service
      • insurance coverage in Belgium during eventual internship post-Master
      • Master Diploma and certificate of transcripts
      • Tuition fees do not include accommodation in Brussels and anything that is not mentioned in the list above.


        Scholarships of a value of 2.000 € can be awarded to students by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce. Each scholarship will be granted based on the evaluation of the student’s application (according to the assessment criteria) and on the applicant’s income.

        To be admitted as a candidate for a scholarship you need to satisfy the following criteria:

        • Yearly personal income not higher than 8.000 € (if you are independent) or yearly family income not higher than 30.000 €
        •       (if you are financed by your family)
        • A score of at least 60% in the evaluation of your Master’s application
          Students interested in applying for a scholarship should fill out the relative part of the online application form.
          The scholarship is intended as a diminution of the tuition fees and not as a direct cash transfer. Therefore, students who will be awarded a scholarship will pay reduced tuition fees of 2.300 €.


          The IMES awards a Diploma in European Studies – Policy Advisor and Project Consultant, issued by the Institute of European Studies of the Catholic University of Louvain and the European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

          Diplomas will be awarded to students that successfully pass the evaluation process, consisting of two exams and three project works. Only students who attend at least 80% of classes will be admitted to the final exam and to the Diploma award.

          Students will also receive a Transcript Certificate with the transcript of exams and the final grade obtained.


          This is an International post-graduate Master. It is an intensive, full-time programme; the title awarded is “Post-graduate Master in European Studies – Policy Advisor and Project Consultant”. This Master aims to provide students with professional tools required by the job market; the objective is not to provide a “title”, but practical competencies. The Master does not give university credits. Therefore, even if organised by a University-consortium, the framework of an extra-university Master has been chosen.