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The Master premises

The course is held at the training centre of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, which is located in Rue de la Loi 26, Brussels, 1000, at the 6th floor. The nearest metro station is Arts Loi (on metro line n. 1, 2, 5 or n. 6).

Click here for the map: https://www.google.be/maps/place/.

The EU headquarter

European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the European Union, Committee of Regions and European Economic and Social Committee are based in Brussels. Brussels is also the home of several representative offices of EU member States, regions and cities, multinational companies, industry-federations, trade unions, bilateral Chambers of commerce, consultancy companies in public affairs or in EU project management, NGOs, think-tanks, as well as media and press. The NATO headquarter is also settled here.

Brussels is a cultural, social and economic mosaic, with a rich multifaceted life. This is nothing but the mirror of the institutional complexity, at everyday-life level. It is true indeed that Brussels holds a primary position among the network of great European cities and comfortably merits its role as leading capital of the European Union. Brussels is considered as a true European village, where the international community is well integrated with the local population. It is a small, well-connected city, yet very lively.

Moving to Brussels

Enrolled students are provided with a practical guidebook containing useful information to settle down in Brussels.