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BRUSSELS – Belgium

testimonials-aminaDuring my Master Degree in Cooperation and Development at the University of Trieste, we went to Brussels to visit the European Parliament. The idea came from our professor, a former MEP. It was fascinating.

After that I realised two important things: if you want to succeed in your career you have to go abroad, where there are more opportunities, and you must be proficient in English. So the fight started – not without difficulties as my English level was A2 and I had no money!!! Many of my colleagues, before me, decided to apply for this Master and I saw that they were employed just months after. Moreover, I realized that here in Brussels you have also the opportunity to learn French, which is a relevant language in the field of the European Union. Four months after completing the Master, and I am working as a Project Consultant and European Funds Consultant at the ULAC (Union des Locataires d’Anderlecht Cureghem). The position allows me to put into practice all the tools and knowledge that I learnt during the Master. Moreover, I know that Brussels is a city full of opportunities for people like me with an international background. I am happy with my current work because I know the importance of grass-roots organisations in development, and having the opportunity to support one makes me proud. Now we are working on the European Social Fund, which was the same fund that allowed me to attend the International Master in European Studies. In conclusion, attending this Master changed drastically my professional future and launched me into a new world full of stimuli, opportunities and culture.