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R&D and Innovation Project Consultant

ZABALA Innovation Consulting

Gabriele was a student of the 32nd edition of the International Master in European Studies. Right after the end of the Master he started to work  for the Brussels office of an international consultancy, specialized in EU project management.

What is your background? Why did you choose to attend the IMES Programme?

I have a Master’s degree in International Relations – Forecasting, Innovation and Change and a Bachelor’s in International and European studies. I have also studied Environmental Sciences at the University of North Carolina. As I have always been interested in EU politics, after my graduation I decided to discover more about the European funding programmes and the functioning of the “Brussels bubble”, and I therefore started the IMES Programme.

Which skills have you developed thanks to the Master?

During the IMES Master I had an in-depth studying of the mechanisms of EU projects and tenders, both theoretically and with very practical team simulations, becoming able to deal with the main funding programmes existing (Horizon, Life, Erasmus+, COSME…) and analysing the political priorities of the EU agenda.

Which are the activities you have enjoyed the most during the Master?

I really enjoyed the very first part, the one dedicated to the study of the main topics of the EU political issues and the rules behind hot-topics such as the EU budget, the environmental policies, the EU political structure and its external action.

What is your current occupation?

I have recently started working as an R&D project consultant for ZABALA Innovation, a consultancy active in the field of European projects, tenders and funding related to innovation (and I really like innovation, because it is more and more intended as environmentally beneficial innovation!) and R&D.

Could you describe your working path after the Master?

I have to admit that it has not been easy to find a job or a stage during the Covid-19 period. Anyway, together with other very motivated students of the Master, I decided to focus my efforts on the Brussels job market and, after having sent several applications and letters, and after few interviews, one month after the end of the Master I started working as an EU project consultant for a company that I firstly discovered thanks to the IMES Programme.

Would you recommend this Master?

Of course! Here, I have met an incredibly nice group of colleagues (who became friends) and motivating professionals, enjoying a unique experience, which was also the beginning of my life in the European capital.